Why Hire an Educational Consultant

You may be asking yourself why it is important or necessary to hire an Educational Consultant. You may be wondering why you can’t just do the research yourself or ask your therapist or other service provider for their recommendation of a good program for your child.

The answer is that it is important, necessary, and well worth your time and peace of mind to hand over this part of the process to a professional. As an Independent Educational Consultant, I spend the majority of my time researching, traveling to, and evaluating programs all over the country. I meet the direct care staff, therapists, medical directors, executive directors and owners of programs. I gain a full understanding of each program’s treatment philosophy, program structure and design. I see the facility and the surroundings. I talk with the adolescents or young adults who are in the program to hear their thoughts about the treatment there and who they believe would, and would not, benefit from that particular program.

You may want to just take the advice or recommendation of your therapist, who you have known for a long time and trust. It is important to remember that your therapist or service provider is excellent at what they do. They provide individual, group or family therapy in their office. They may have heard of a few programs and may have even had previous clients do well at a particular program, BUT, they do not have the time or ability to go to the hundreds of programs available and research and evaluate each one individually. And, just because one of their clients did well in one program, does not mean that it is the right program for YOUR child.

You may want to just do the research yourself through the internet or phone calls. Every program has a beautiful website and many provide good service to youth and young adults. However, not every program is right for your child. You are busy, working, have other children to care for, and are in crisis. This is a daunting, emotionally exhausting process. You can pass this part of the process over to an Educational Consultant who can quickly assess your child and family situation and provide you with placement recommendations that are right for your child.

You may be wondering about the cost. The cost of programs and length of stay varies depending on the level of care and needs of the client. Hiring an Educational Consultant can keep your overall treatment costs lower by choosing the right placement from the start, thus avoiding multiple placements and extra travel expenses. In addition, I will case manage, monitor, advocate and intervene on your behalf for a full year. I do not step out once the placement is made. I will monitor your child’s progress to make sure that you are receiving appropriate care and service during the entire treatment stay.